Blight Wheel Bring a Bird to Salute

March 25, 2014 by dracs

It looks as though Blight Wheel Miniatures are going to be giving everyone the bird at this year's Salute as they preview the new cavalry miniatures that they will be bringing with them.

Terror Bird Cavalry

Terror Bird Cavalry 2

Terror Bird Cavalry 3

The Terror Bird Cavalry, featuring a rider dressed like something out of WWI atop a flightless beast that proves birds were once dinosaurs.

This model is a really interesting piece, far better than if they were simply riding out on a horse, and would be the perfect alternative for a unit of Rough Riders. It could also double as a good piece in a post-apocalyptic setting. Either way, I look forward to seeing them appear more often after Salute.

Apart from Rough Riders, what uses can you think of for Blight Wheel's bird?

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