The First Salamander Mechs For Rangers Project Shown!

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Rangers Project have shown off some of the first 15mm scale Salamander Mechs in all their glory. See what you think of this brilliant looking walker that will no doubt find its way onto many a tabletop...

Salamander (Front)

Salamander (Rear)

This is quite the awesome creation and I love the mix of design choices from anime, Metal Gear Solid and of course more western designs too. The actual Kickstarter went very well indeed and it's great to see these miniatures making their way out onto the tabletop now.

Salamander (Painted)

Here's one that has been assembled and painted already showing off what it will look like when coloured and of course how it can be posed differently too. I can't wait to see a few more of these!

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