Reaper’s Dragon Doesn’t Share At All In Awesome Diorama

July 1, 2014 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures showed off their big Dragons Don't Share Diorama that was an add-on option for their big Bones II Kickstarter and should be available for others to buy in the future I hope!

Dragons Don't Share

The diorama shows a series of adventurers trying to snag a horde of treasure from beneath it's beating wings. It's quite an awesome looking piece and with the return of Dungeons & Dragons around the corner something to get your juices flowing as both a Hero or Dungeon Master.

Dragons Don't Share (Heroes)

Dragons Don't Share (Close-Up)

Above is a bit of a close up on the heroes themselves filling in pretty much all of the archetypal roles you'd want to fill when dungeon delving. My favourite is the Dwarf and what I assume is an Elf Ranger of sorts. As well as the heroes you also have a brilliant close up of the Dragon itself and my my what an awesome sculpt that is. I do love my Dragons!

What's your take on the diorama?

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