GCT Studios Set a Date for Rise of the Kage’s Pledge Manager

October 28, 2014 by dracs

GCT Studios' board game Rise of the Kage enjoyed a high level of success on Kickstarter and now they have announced the date for their Pledge Manager, along with a new piece of artwork.

Elite Dock Guard

The Pledge Manager is set to go out on 3pm GMT on Saturday the 1st of November, allowing those who already pledged to change their pledge level and for those who missed out to hop on board.

The new art concepts are particularly interesting. The first is of an Elite Dock Guard, a good, grizzled looking warrior who will be joining the game's dock area expansion. I particularly like the touch of the fish hooks hanging from his belt. As you can see, he is accompanied by a pet monkey, but that is not the only animal what has appeared.

Guard Dog

This guard dog doesn't look particularly vicious, but those scars on its hide tell a different story. He may not be much of a threat in and of himself, but no doubt a dog's nose will be better at sniffing out ninjas than even the Elite Dock Guard.

Did you pledge to Rise of the Kage? Do you plan to hop onto the Pledge Manager?

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