FossilPunk Foundry Show Off The Mighty Tribal Loricata

October 13, 2017 by brennon

FossilPunk Foundry has previewed another massive creature coming for their world of Sauriana. See what you think of the Tribal Loricata.

Tribal Loricata #1

This creature has been tamed by the Explorer's Club and features armour and more banded and lashed to it by them for use in battle.

Tribal Loricata #2

The beast was sculpted by Cesar Correa Lopez and will be available when the Kickstarter launches as part of the collection.

Tribal Loricata #3

You can look ahead to January 2018 as the launch date for their updated campaign. Now you just need to work out how many more dinosaurs you want for your tabletop games?

What do you think of this beast?

"This creature has been tamed by the Explorer's Club..."

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