TableTop Art Offer a Special Deal on Cultists

October 15, 2012 by dracs

OK, so you have your obligatory dark robes, evil amulet of horror and the use of the local meeting hall every Thursday. The next step to creating your cult is getting cultists. Why not check out TableTop Art's new special deal?

Tabletop Art - Cultists

As you can see this deal will provide you with more highly detailed heads and evil iconography than you can shake your amulet of horror at. The banners look particularly impressive and could proudly be born at the head of any cultist force.

The character heads are possibly my favourite part of this set, especially those which appear to be a twisted mockery of the standard imagery of a priesthood.

The heads will allow you make a great looking rabble of cultists for your Chaos Space Marine armies, yet if you take out the ones wearing gas masks, they could easily be used as a Possessed warband for Mordheim. Whether you take your cult to the far future or to dark fantasy is your choice.

Do you feel tempted by TableTop Art's cultists?

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