A New 54mm Elf Strides Out Of Scibor Miniatures

January 8, 2014 by brennon

Scibor are pretty awesome when it comes to making fantasy miniatures and they have a 54mm Elf on the way. See what you think of the concept art and the model itself at it's current stage of production below.

54mm Elf

Elf Concept Art

Now that's one awesome looking warrior of Elf-kind. He looks to be very much in 'movie poster' stance but that's fine as it shows off the arrogant nature of the Elf race (talking as a Dwarf lover of course).

It certainly shows what Scibor can do when it comes to fantasy and this could be an ace painting project. I suppose if you had the money to spare you could even buy two of these and paint them up as statues, distress the models as well, and use them to mark the entrance to an Elf city.

What do you think?

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