Planes & Infantry Hitting The Team Yankee Battlefield This Month

January 18, 2016 by brennon

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The Flames Of War team have showed off what's coming this month to help support the troops during your games of Team Yankee. We have not only planes but also some proper infantry boxes which are certainly a welcome addition to the battlefield for securing buildings...

Warthogs & Frogfoots

First up we'll have a look at the really interesting additions to the range. Kicking things off we have the Frogfoot Aviation Company for the Soviets. See what you think of these...

Frogfoot Aviation Company #1

Frogfoot Aviation Company #2

Now those are some serious looking planes. The weaponry it boasts includes a cannon mounted in the nose for strafing runs as well as missiles attached to the wings for blasting apart armour that gets in its way. That is certainly a beast of an aircraft.

The Warthog however is not to be outdone and looks equally as deadly for the Americans.

Warthog #1

Warthog #2

I've seen the videos of how this thing operates and when it fires those guns or missiles things seem to vanish on the battlefield. Depleted uranium rounds sound like they would do just the right amount of damage to anything that got in its way.

We had some of the Boot Campers playing around with these planes during some of the games played out on Sunday and they had some great fun with the proxies. Hopefully players will have even more fun now they are on their way.


Following on from those amazing looking planes we have some packs of Infantry for the Americans and Soviets which can support your tanks and hold objectives. First up we have the American Mech Platoon...

American Mech Platoon

...and the Soviet Infantry Platoon.

Soviet Infantry Platoon

Both of these sets come with an array of basic weapons as well as options for special weapons. The Americans get LAW rockets, Dragon teams and SAW users. The Soviets get anti-tank RPGs and RPG-7s making them a deadly foe for any tank foolish enough to underestimate them.

Whichever side of the conflict you're on you get a nice selection here!

What do you think of the range?

"Depleted uranium rounds sound like they would do just the right amount of damage to anything that got in its way..."

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