Space Hulk Hits Steam For An August 15th Release

July 29, 2013 by brennon

Space Hulk has hit Steam and you'll soon be able to pick it up on the 15th of August. Check out some more screenshots from the game along with some pre-order bonuses that might whet your appetite...

Space Hulk Screenshot #1

Space Hulk Screenshot #2

Space Hulk Screenshot #3

The game is certainly looking like a nice representation of the board game and since that got lost in the eBay ether a while ago you will now have a chance to play through all the missions and more from the rule book. Graphically it sure looks like it's been made to run on most systems so I wouldn't think people will have a problem grabbing a hold of this.

Multiplayer Banner Pole & Hive Fleet Kraken Skin

In terms of pre-ordering the game you can get a hold of these additional bits and pieces for personalising your squad or indeed horde of Genestealers. There is the unique Banner Pole for showing off in multiplayer and the Hive Fleet Kraken skin for your Genestealers. While the banner pole doesn't seem particularly interesting the skins for the factions do.

This does of course mean that we might be seeing skins for both Space Marines and Tyranids in the future. I wonder if anyone has ever done a Chaos Space Marine version of Space Hulk?

Will you be grabbing this?

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