Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Trenchers Theme Force

November 14, 2017 by johnlyons

This week we have an epic build for John as he and Justin unbox the Cygnar Trenchers Theme Force set for Warmachine from Privateer Press.

Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Trenchers Theme Force

This set contains twenty models in total consisting of...

  • Commander Anson Hitch
  • Patrol Dog
  • Trencher Cannon Crew
  • 2x Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadiers
  • Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper
  • Trencher Infantry Unit
  • Trencher Master Gunner

...giving you plenty of options which can then be mixed in with the Starter Force in order to create a solid army list.

The guys talk about the stats and abilities of the Trenchers and then John introduces his pick of additional units he would add to create a 50 point list.

Do you like John's picks or would you go a different direction?

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