Keep Track of Your Wounded in Wild West Exodus

June 3, 2014 by dracs

For their $5 model this month, Wild West Exodus is getting a new set of Lifeblood Markers to help you keep track of the wounds your hired hands will be taking through the battle.

Lifeblood Markers

Lifeblood Marker

Lifeblood Marker Unattached

The idea behind these markers is that they will provide you with a clear indicator as to the state of your models. By painting the various Lifeblood nodules white and coating it with a gloss, you should be able to mark them with dry-erase markers whenever your guys gets a hit, then easily wipe away the mark after the game.

These Lifeblood Markers are a useful idea that helps you keep track of the individual models, rather than getting mixed up with the stat cards, or having your model followed by a growing collection of dice.

Are these worth picking up for your games of Wild West Exodus?

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