Wild West Exodus Welcomes The Holy Order Very Soon!

May 7, 2014 by brennon

Wild West Exodus have a whole bunch of awesome Holy Order Miniatures up for pre-order on their site and we've grabbed a few of them to take a look at! Let's see what you think of these religious individuals!

Sircan Abner

Altcap Oron

Altcap Siraj

First up we have some of the character miniatures from the Holy Order with Abner leading two rather awesome looking paladin types into battle. I have a soft spot for religious zealots in games and these look right up that alleyway. Armour wise these chaps are looking brilliant and there looks to be plenty of detail in them there plates.

Hired Hand #1

Hired Hand #2

Hired Hand #3

Hired Hands

You can't of course do much fighting without some men and women to fight alongside you and the Holy Order has a fair few Hired Hands that look very dynamic and interesting. I love the third singular miniature I posted whose sprinting towards the enemy. Awesome detail once again that you hope continues over to the final sculpts.

Holy Order Bike #1

Holy Order Bike #2

Holy Order Bike #3

It's also a good chance to show off some brilliant looking vehicles and first up we have the Spear of Light. This looks like a mean piece of kit and will be turning bones to powder as it rolls over it's enemies. I think I'd feel safe sitting on one of these with those twin guns pointed at my foe.

Holy Order Heavy #1

Holy Order Heavy #2

Holy Order Heavy #3

On second thoughts I might be more happy to sit inside the Pillar of Light instead. I like the steam train design to the whole thing that is even a feature of the wheels and how they move. Twin that with a massive gun on the top and this could well be the moving fortress you need to instill some religious order to proceedings.

Will you join the order?

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