New Wolsung Minis Arrive in Micro Art Studio

August 2, 2012 by dracs

Attention all fans of steampunk and bizarre Victoriana, new miniatures for the skirmish game of Wolsung have appeared in the Micro Art Studio store!

Wolsung - Sir Zachary Fiercebatton

Wolsung - Maid

Wolsung - Ingrid Rangvaldottir and Mirror Golems

Wolsung - Mr Cheng

Wolsung - Ogre Bruiser

Wolsung - Shade

Wolsung - Butler with Umbrella

Wolsung - Butler with Plate

Wolsung - Wondering Actor

Wolsung - Stephanie Seagull

All in all a collection of nicely characterful sculpts sure to liven up any dark and smoggy street.

My particular favourite has to be the Wondering Actor. With its blank face mask and bladed fan, it is truly a figure of menace and elegance.

Which miniature do you like in particular? Have any of you given Wolsung a try yet?

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