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Broken Toad Shows Off The Stunning Herne The Huntress

41 days ago 2

There’s few things that look nicer on a shelf than the gorgeous busts from Broken Toad. With all the Viking chatter later, it’s only fitting that everyone have a look at Herne the Huntress, their latest stunning resin bust.

A Stunning Pirate Is Joining The Collection From Broken Toad

238 days ago 3

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Check out the latest beauty from Broken Toad, Sail Away.We don’t know her name or when exactly she’ll be available- but it doesn’t matter. She’s well worth the wait.

Another Stunning Piece On The Way From Broken Toad

366 days ago 7

Broken Toad has done it again, and have another beautiful piece in the works. The piece is called “Alas”, and captures both beauty and dread as she contemplates the skull she holds.

Broken Toad’s MK2 Brushes Are Available On Their Website

400 days ago 11

Any good hobbiest is always on a quest for their next favorite brush. Broken Toad may have just what you’re looking for with their Miniature Series MK2 brushes, that are now available on their website.

Broken Toad Introduces The Wonderland Transitions

482 days ago 3

Have you found yourself drawn to the beautiful resin busts from companies, but felt intimidated by the thought of painting on a larger scale?

Broken Toad Reveals The Sultry Hunger & Lust In 1/8 Scale

517 days ago 4

If you enjoy painting, vampires or both- then feast your eyes on the latest resin cast from Broken Toad. Hunger & Lust captures a sultry moment just before she bites her victim.

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

564 days ago 108

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we get stuck
into a whole bunch of new
miniatures that caught our
attention over the week
and talk Hobby Time too…

This IS The Toad You’re Looking For From Broken Toad

567 days ago 7

With fans drooling over all the Star Wars goodness surrounding the nearing, Force Awakens, Broken Toad is celebrating in their own unique way with a commemorative mini- Toad in Carbonite. This IS the toad you’re looking for!

Broken Toad Launches the Stunning “Paradise Lost” Fallen Angel

640 days ago 11

Heaven and Earth collide with the very beautiful resin fallen angel from Broken Toad. “Paradise Lost” is a painter’s dream, loaded with lovely feather details.