Search For Treasure In Dead Men Tell No Tales Board Game

August 20, 2014 by brennon

Minion Games have taken to Kickstarter to fund their new board game project, Dead Men Tell No Tales. This piratical board game is a cooperative experience where you’re looking for treasure aboard a burning boat!

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Your crew have been chasing a ship of some renown called Skelit’s Revenge and you’ve finally caught up with it. The ship is ablaze and the treasure is still aboard it! Your captain has instructed you to board the vessel, find the treasure and rescue it before it’s taken by the deep! There’s just one problem. Things are on fire and there are still some deadly crew aboard who will be going down with the ship!


Game Dial


It sounds like a neat race against time and the game comes with that rather cool looking dial pictured above counting things down as you race about looking for treasure! The artwork for the game is top notch and it really conjures up the romantic view of the sea faring adventurer.

You’ll be fighting of skeletal pirates, battling back the flames, looking for treasure and generally having a neat time of it it seems! The game reminds me a lot of games like Forbidden Island and Pandemic where it’s a race against the games A.I and this really does force you to work together.

Do you think you’ll go sailing with Dead Men Tell No Tales?