DGS Games Show Off More Kuzaarik For Freeblades!

October 2, 2014 by brennon

DGS Games have been working hard on their Kuzaarik miniatures thanks to their recent Kickstarter and soon you’ll have a whole bunch of new Dwarves for the world of Freeblades…

Kuzaarik Wayblocker

Their most recent addition to the sculpting table is the Wayblocker. This Kuzaarik comes resplendent with heavy armour, a massive hammer and a huge hulking shield to keep the enemies off the more squishy members of your party.

Kuzaarik Hinterguard

Kuzaarik Forge Warden

Kuzaarik Field Agent

A whole bunch of other Kuzaarik have also been painted up by the team and I’m quite liking their Dwarf range for both Freeblades and potentially as role-playing miniatures. DGS do have a rather extensive range now so if you’re looking for a cool original looking faction that exists too.

What do you think?

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