Some Smashing Stuff Coming To Guild Ball Season II

June 1, 2015 by brennon

Guild Ball is doing incredibly well and has become very popular now it’s finally out there in the market. With that in mind they have previewed two of the coming characters for Season II of this Fantasy Football ruckus…



I’m really loving not only the style of this game with its heroic and cartoony style but also the game itself. I’ve watched a lot of the game being played now and it’s really growing on me. I just need to convince some of my gaming group to pick this up with me and give it a go.

Miniature wise Tenderiser above is very funny and it looks like he’s just smashed someone into the ground OR he’s leaping over a charging foe. Sakana is a lot more relaxed but no less dangerous looking.

Do you play this game?

"Tenderiser is very funny and it looks like he's just smashed someone into the ground!"