Operation Flamestrike: Finish The Fight!

May 10, 2016 by lloyd

It’s almost time for Operation Flamestrike to come to an end.

Operation Flamestrike Finish The Fight

It’s been an amazing Infinity campaign, full of fascinating encounters involving all the factions of the game.

If you haven’t jumped in now is the time to fight for you faction while you still can and remember even if you have been involved there’s been more locations unlocked over the past weeks such as:

Finish The Fight Attack Agoge, Skillion and Onza

Campaign Extended

We have extended the campaign into next week and will post a final compilation date when we set it. At the moment there is still some coding going on in the background and this will need to be finished to end the campaign.

Get Your Battle Reports In

So, if you have some Battle Reports you’ve yet to upload make sure to get on in there and record your wins and losses so we can see who came out on top during the campaign.

Register & Log In Here

You might still be able to make a difference so consider joining in and fighting out a few battles!

It’s been great seeing how the battles have unfolded and which factions are beginning to make their presence felt as we close in on the final few days of this campaign.

Who do you want to see come out on top?

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