Pre-Orders For Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Begin

July 14, 2015 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have now got to the stage where their Fantasy Skirmish Game rules can be pre-ordered for a release in the middle of August. Not only do they have an opportunity to get the Rulebook but also a Two Player Bundle which comes with a myriad of tokens and dice to help you get started. Oh, and some Mushrooms are dwelling in the deep…

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Rules

More on the rules…

“Taking fantasy gaming back to its roots, Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish has all you need to enjoy old school table-top action using the fantastic Otherworld Miniatures range. The rules are designed for fast-moving, all-action games, allowing you to play a band of battle-hardened adventurers or a tribe of marauding monsters.”

“Learn to play with a short introductory skirmish game. Then try six fast-play encounters packed with danger, before taking on the Tales of Dragon Rock campaign that includes pick-up-and-play factions for a series of three linked adventures.”

It certainly sounds like fun and old school tabletop gaming is very much ‘in’ right now. Of course Otherworld also have the immense range of models to support this game so you won’t be wanting for critters.

Mushroom Hunting

They have also shown off some of their upcoming miniatures which represent the likes of Myconids in games such as Dungeons & Dragons. These Mushrooms could be quite the interesting encounter.


They are quite devious looking creatures aren’t they.

Will you be picking up Fantasy Skirmish?

"Of course Otherworld also have the immense range of models to support this game so you won't be wanting for critters..."