Perry Send The Bushwhackers To Fight For The Confederacy

July 13, 2016 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have something new on their workbench for the Confederacy forces of the American Civil War, the infamous guerrilla fighters known as Bushwhackers.


Bushwhackers is a term that has gained an almost romanticised association to it. The infamous Jesse James, for example, started out as one of these guerrillas. Yet these soldiers often didn’t restrict themselves to attacks on the military and often focused their efforts on Union supporting civilian populations, even using the war as an opportunity to settle personal vendetta.

Perry Miniatures have sculpted these miniatures to fit with their florid and violent reputation. A squad of these would be useful to harry the enemy’s flanks, cut off supplies and attack caravans. They would also be good outlaw miniatures for later games of Wild West skirmishes, given that more than a few did turn to banditry, such as the previously mentioned Jesse James.

Are you a history buff? Can you tell us more about the Bushwhackers in the American Civil War?

"A squad of these would be useful to harry the enemy's flanks, cut off supplies and attack caravans..."

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