Production Minis Preview For Wyrd Games’ The Other Side

February 1, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

There are just some days when you are dying to get something in the post, and this week I had one of those days as I received a box of production miniatures for The Other Side from Wyrd Games.


The Other Side just finished a very successful run on Kickstarter and they wanted us to share in the excitement of their large scale game by showing off some of the fantastic miniatures in the flesh.

These Are Preassembled?!

The first point to made here is that the miniatures for The Other Side are 32mm scale and preassembled, which means once we get our hands on the game we will be ready to play out of the box – which I think is AWESOME.

So knowing this, the next point to consider is whether they would be able to deliver the degree of wonderful detail in the miniatures that we have come to know and love from Malifaux? Yes. Definitely yes.

Initial Impressions

Upon opening the box, I was really excited to see the models intact and ready to go. They are made from a custom blend of PVC – and I know what you’re thinking – but they all held their form perfectly and they were not even in any sort of special protected plastic tray.


There were no bits on them that required straightening, which is very refreshing for a preassembled miniature. But perhaps my favourite observation was just how awesome they actually looked. We received six minis in the box, representing two of the Allegiances from the game.

An Infiltrator represented The Guild in The King’s Empire and the rest of the models were from The Gibbering Hordes (sorry Warren – okay, not really).

The King’s Empire – Inflitrator

The Infiltrator is a great, dynamic model representing one of the many poses you’ll see in the unit. I think this is an example of something Wyrd has always done very well with the Malifaux models, which is offering a tremendous amount of variety in the different poses.


None of the miniatures has the stereotypical “foot on a rock” pose, and he’s full of detail with his clothing and weapons.


Interestingly enough, the insert they included stated that they will be making a slight modification in his weapon to make it a little more sturdy and bulky, but I didn’t have any issue with it out of the box.

The Gibbering Hordes – Yarazi

Now let’s move into the Gibbering Hordes, Warren’s favorite. Now I have to say that strictly from the Kickstarter images, they were not my Allegiance of choice, but after seeing the models, they just may have won me over. Let’s get things started with a look at the Yarazi.


These little gribbly creatures remind me of winged Gremlins. They are super creepy and absolutely look like trouble. These guys were the miniatures that really showed me that Wyrd could maintain Malifaux level quality in the preassembled pieces when I saw their faces, wings and claws. Look at those claws!


I think back to building my Mannequins in my Colette Crew, and having to use tweezers to hold the fingers for glueing (and the colourful language that may or may not have been uttered during assembly).


The claws on these little buggers are fantastic – and I didn’t have to build them! And then there are their faces and those bug eyes – truly faces that only a mother could love!


I love the fact that these guys also have such dynamic different poses, offering unique models for the same sort of creature.

The Gibbering Hordes – Striped Skulker

Next in the pecking order is a Striped Skulker. This guy is a little bigger and full of attitude.


He’s in what I would consider a “more traditional” pose if there is such a thing, but that said he still has a great sense of motion in his sculpt with this reptilian tongue out and tail whipping around him.


He just looks like something you wouldn’t want to tangle with.

The Gibbering Hordes – The Frenzy

And last, but certainly not least, is The Frenzy, and he’s just wicked. He looks like a hybrid combination of a lizard, dinosaur and possibly even a shark. Dare I say that I see a bit of Warren’s Sharkarocerous?


This is just one of the poses that this big guy comes in, and possibly the most interesting one. He looks like he’s charging in for the kill!


I don’t know where this guy would be more terrifying - on land or coming up out of the water? But, no matter how you slice it, he’s full of awesome details from his mouth and teeth to the barbs on his swinging tail.

How Do You Choose?

All in all, I am very impressed with our first look at the models for The Other Side. As I mentioned earlier, when the project first dropped, I declared the Abyssinia my faction of choice – and I still really like them…but then again the King’s Empire are very shooty, which appeals to my play style.

The Gibbering Hordes have those little Yarazi with wings, and I do so love my miniatures with wings, and then there’s the Cult of the Burning Man that has that spectacular Gorysche, serpenty titan model. I really am like a mom with many children and I can’t possibly pick a favorite, which means there’s only one way to solve this – it’s time to add on to my Kickstarter pledge.

What do you think of the minis for the Other Side and who’s your favorite Allegiance?

"...the miniatures for The Other Side are 32mm scale and preassembled, which means once we get our hands on the game we will be ready to play out of the box"

"I really am like a mom with many children and I can't possibly pick a favorite, which means there's only one way to solve this - it's time to add on to my Kickstarter pledge..."