Spellcrow Show Off Their Finished Adventuring Pumpkin

October 30, 2013 by brennon

Spellcrow Miniatures have finished off the artwork for Dyniaq the Adventuring Pumpkin and taken their lantern holding warrior of Halloween onto Facebook. See what you think of the completed figure below…

Dyniaq with a Lantern

I love this little fellow and I think he would be awesome for an alternative dungeon delving adventure. We saw the concept art not long ago and it looks like it hasn’t taken them long to get the miniature sorted and it’s soon to be released.

I could just see him being the creation of some mad wizard and he is now searching for the secrets of his long dead master and a hope of turning himself into a real human. Or it could just be a crazy adventurer with a pumpkin on his head!

Do you think he would make a good addition to your collection?

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