Roll Out The Armoured Wagon For Tercio Creativo: Dies Irae!

August 20, 2013 by brennon

Tercio Creativo’s Dies Irae campaign is going well so far and they are over the half way mark with a fair few days to go still. Check out some of the models that have come with this progress, the Armadillo Armoured Wagon and Hideputa (The Son of a B***h…yes, really).

Armadillo Armed Wagon

First up we have the wagon itself which is nearing completion. The only things that are missing are a few trapdoors and other accessories to give it a bit more character but it turns out that we have a rather awesome looking ‘tank’ to look forwards too. That’s going to take a whole lot of firepower to bring down I reckon, or a well placed bomb.

Hideputa (Son of a B***h)

Maybe this guy could take the shot? Hideputa will be hiding in this little ramshackle gun emplacement taking shots all day long. I think he rightly deserved his name. I could see him sniping the Wagon commander as he peeks out through a slit in the vehicle.

I do like the mix of historical and fantasy with this game and it almost has a Warhammer Fantasy feel to its dark comedy. Admittedly it’s a lot brighter a game than that but it’s a good aesthetic to build on.

What do you think of these extras?