Tercio Creativo’s Dies Irae Enters It’s Final Days

September 20, 2013 by brennon

As Tercio Creativo’s Dies Irae enters the final ten days of its IndieGoGo Campaign they still have some unpainted and painted goodies to show off. First off let’s check out the ace looking Basajaun…


This might warrior, also known as the Basque Yeti, is a bit of a mountain man isn’t he? I love the design of this guy as it’s completely distant from anything we’ve seen from this game before. He will be able to join the Dreamlike Commission when you take him to the tabletop.

Padre Norberto

On the painting front we have the very awesome Padre Norberto who shows off the skills of this team once again. I have a soft spot for robes and hoods on models and this shows why they are awesome! This fellow will be the Leader of the Domini Canis Band.

I think you’ll agree that these guys have managed to get a whole lot of awesome out of this fundraiser and with an almost doubled funding total they should have a very good future indeed.

Have you pledged?