Total Battle Take Shelter In New WWII Farm & Ruined Church Terrain

April 10, 2017 by brennon

Total Battle Miniatures has added two new pieces of World War II terrain to their 15mm collection. Here we have an Enclosed Farm and a Ruined Church

Enclosed Farm

The Enclosed Farm looks like a great place to hold out against larger numbers. There’s plenty of space in the middle of the courtyard for you to place down your infantry or maybe a tank or two.

This building does actually have lift off roofs allowing you to place miniatures inside too. You can also pick up the Ruined Church…

Ruined Church

This massive Church looks great, packed with detail. You could set up a sniper team in that belfry, ready to cover your soldiers as they advance. This too also has a lift off roof allowing you to drop some soldiers into the middle of the ruins. It’s neat that this terrain isn’t just for show and it has some gaming use.

What do you think of these designs?

"It's neat that this terrain isn't just for show and it has some gaming use..."