Stone Cold Lead Paint Up Tsuba Miniatures’ Japanese HMG Team

September 26, 2015 by brennon

If you’re looking for some infantry support during the Russo-Japanese War then you’ll want to turn to Tsuba Miniatures who do a whole range of metal kits for that period. Their most current set is a Japanese HMG Team who have been painted up by Stone Cold Lead

Japanese HMG Team

They’ve done an exceptional job on the model I think you’ll agree. This would of course have fallen into the period before World War I when this kind of technology was still being tested but was incredibly deadly against an enemy that wasn’t used to fighting against it.

Russia lost this contest of arms but maybe you’ll be able to rewrite history.

What do you think of Stone Colds work?

"Russia lost this contest of arms but maybe you'll be able to rewrite history..."