Combat Squads Come To Support Their Space Marine Brothers Soon

August 29, 2017 by brennon

While it is always nice to have more Space Marines, especially Primaris ones, sometimes you need to think tactically. Games Workshop will soon be adding pre-orders for new Combat Squads.


Combat Squads are separated units that you’d normally use when it’s required to split your force up a bit to cover more objectives on the tabletop. Currently, they are covering the bases for the Primaris Space Marines with the Intercessors above as well as Reivers and Hellblasters below.



While of course, they have a tactical use they could also be used to bulk up your existing units that you got in Dark Imperium. Having an option to buy less just to add in a few more options to your force seems like a good idea.

Imperial Celebrations

As a reminder, you can also soon pick up the Veteran Sergeant that has been designed to mark the 30th Anniversary of Wahammer 40,000.

Celebratory Veteran Space Marine

A lot of folks were confused as to why this was the model of choice but I think it marks a turning point for the idea and look of Space Marines and that’s why it’s been chosen. It’s also subtle enough to simply be dropped into whatever force you might already be working with to become part of a growing army.

Look out for pre-orders soon.

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"Combat Squads are separated units that you'd normally use when it's required to split your force up a bit to cover more objectives on the tabletop..."