4Ground Lamps Light Their New Wire Fence Compound

March 8, 2018 by dracs

4Ground have released some new terrain sets, with lamps to help you illuminate the confines of a new, wire-fenced compound.

Patrol The Compound

The first set is a series of wire fence segments, going together to mark the boundaries of a compound.

Wire Fenced Compound

Wire Fenced Compound Birdseye

The wire fence compound is available as either a complete set or as its individual components, should you wish to expand it further.

Wire Fenced Compound Gate

Wire Fenced Compound Segments

This compound set allows for some fun, cinematic scenarios. It is easy to imagine it being used to defend yourself from a horde of zombies, or as an enclosure for some fearsome monsters, but my first thought was actually towards a scenario based upon the classic movie The Great Escape.

4Ground Lamps Light The Way

Alongside these, 4Ground have released two types of Lampposts.

Type A is very ornate.

Lamp Post Type A

These look like they might have come from an upper-class part of a Victorian-era city, where even the lamp posts have been gentrified.

Meanwhile, Type B is a bit plainer.

Lamp Post Type B

We actually got to see both of these lamppost sets at the recent Fabled Realms Beta Weekend, with them seeing use on our gaming tables. They are beautiful touches of terrain, that help to establish the look and feel of the setting.

What scenarios can you think of using the wire fence compound?

"This compound set allows for some fun, cinematic scenarios..."

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