Crooked Dice’s Argonauts Get Refitted With Mark Two Gear

April 3, 2015 by brennon

Power up those new suits of armour as Crooked Dice are working on some new Argonaut Mk 2 models for release at Salute 2015 which isn't far away at all now!

New & Improved

Below you can see some of the early sculpts for the new Argonauts in a variety of different styles but all featuring the new cyclopean helmet which has that very Cylon look to it...

Argonauts Mk2 #1

Argonauts Mk2 #2

Argonauts Mk2 #3

Argonauts Mk2 #4

As well as the new designs for the armour and the helmets the second little surprise is that you can also pick up some normal heads for these soldiers too. If you look at the sprue below you'll see that they are going to attach some un-helmeted heads to the kit so you can have a few commanders and such within the ranks.

Argonauts Mk2 Sprue

I think this is going to be a great kit for lovers of 7TV trying to make their bad guys that even more deadly for the enemy. Imagine a group of these soldiers charging down a corridor at you!

Out With The Old?

Of course these are Mk 2 suits for the Argonauts but where did they come from? Well, over on the Crooked Dice website you can see the original Argonauts alongside their creator, Dr Ulysses Argo.


Impressive models in their own right and just as fearsome in the sense that they are HUGE and would be more frightening than the Mk 2 troopers probably!

Which do you prefer; old or new?

"...all featuring the new cyclopean helmet which has that very Cylon look to it!"

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