New Miniatures Join the Future Fight For Freedom at Crooked Dice

February 23, 2016 by dracs

Crooked Dice are turning their attention once again to their cast of Future Freedom Fighters with four new sculpts coming soon to join the struggle.

Future Freedom Fighters

I think Crooked Dice's models just keep getting better. These sculpts, made by Ernst Veingart, have some awesome retro scifi style, and display a good level of detail with the clothing. The fabric is folded in realistic ways, while the general design is definitely what the past thought the future would look like.

Future Freedom Fighters Stand Off

I admit, I'm not that familiar with who these characters were inspired by. I believe, like the rest of the Future Freedom Fighters, they owe their origins to the scifi classic Blake's 7, but I couldn't tell you who the characters themselves would be. But that's something I'm sure our dedicated custodians of scifi knowledge will be able to help with.

What are your thoughts on Crooked Dice's new Future Freedom Fighters? Do you know who they're inspired by?

"This is definitely what the past thought the future would look like..."

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