Union Soldiers In Great Coats March Into Kickstarter

February 20, 2017 by stvitusdancern

The American Civil War holds a special place in my heart as it is one of the first miniature wargames I was exposed to as a child when my Dad and Uncle used to recreate big battles on the basement floor with hundreds and I mean hundreds of metal miniatures.

I can even trace my four times Great Grandfather on my father's side fought in the war. So, whenever I see anything related to that war, I take a look and I found this interesting little campaign going on currently on Kickstarter.

28mm Miniature Civil War Union Soldiers Wearing Greatcoats has just begun and it looks to create a line of Union troops outfitted in winter gear. I even find myself forgetting that the war was fought in the winter as well.

To start off they are looking to produce some marching soldiers and they are aiming to make them have different "action" poses so you are not stuck with the same static poses which can lead to a boring display of troops when they are lined up in the ranks.

Outside of this they are looking for stretch goals to go Union Mounted Generals breaking them into the East and West campaigns, attacking soldiers, firing soldiers and United States Coloured Troops (USCTs) who actually played a big role in the war.

This campaign will definitely add much to your collection and to the table. I have been talking to my Dad lately and I think I have him convinced to come back to wargaming and the ACW might just be the ticket. Why not check out this Kickstarter for yourself and you decide if you should invest in some winter soldiers.

Does the American Civil War interest you?

"This campaign will definitely add much to your collection and to the table..."

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