Savage Orruks & New Options For Getting Started Appear For Age Of Sigmar

July 16, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop have put together a neat selection of both reboxings and such for the Age of Sigmar. The new 'faction' getting its support are the Orruks as we look towards the Bonesplitterz who get themselves a Battletome and more...


The Savage Orcs of Warhammer Fantasy have now become the Savage Orruks of Age of Sigmar. As well as getting kits like the ones you see below they also have other options too.

The Green Tide Cometh

Here we have the Savage Orruk Morboyz...

Savage Orruk Moarboyz

...the Savage Orruk Arrowboyz

Savage Orruk Arrowboyz

...and the Savage Orruks Boarboyz.

Savage Orruks Boarboyz

These are all Multi-Part plastic kits which allow you go get stuck into building an army with all manner of different weapon options. As well as these mentioned above additional units include Savage Orruks, Savage Boarboy Maniaks and even a few heroes too.

Shaking all manner of bones and such we have the likes of the Wardokk here who is a classic model. While you might imagine they could have looked towards making new plastic models we think these are still old school Finecast and/or Metal models as the material is not stated.


The likes of the Maniak Wierdnob that you can see below and the Wurgog Prophet are all older models which look like they have been drawn up from the archives.

Maniak Wierdnob

Wurgog Prophet

For example the Wurgog Prophet you see here is actually Wurrzag the Savage Orc Shaman from the old line of Warhammer Fantasy models now fashioned into a Hero for your army.

Getting Started In Age Of Sigmar

Additionally a big push has been made towards getting yourself started within the world of Age of Sigmar. The Storm of Sigmar set gives you a cheaper price point for entry and comes with a few models to play around with as well as rules and more.

Storm of Sigmar

All of these models also follow the new 'Easy Build' style that they're going for with smaller kits which could be good for newcomers and those who just need a few more models. These are based on the kits from the big Age of Sigmar Starter Set which came out at launch rather than the sprues you get in the standard boxes.

Easy to Build Liberators

Easy to Build Blood Warriors

You can see the Liberators and the Blood Warriors here but they also have kits for the Blood Reavers and Retributors. Painting and Hobby Sets are also available for both Khorne and the Sigmarites as well as a general set for your regular painting too so you can just dip your toe if you like.

The General's Handbook

Last but not least we have the General's Handbook now officially on Pre-Order so that it will arrive on your doorstep next weekend. It's a shame that it's still a week off but I can't wait for this book.

Generals Handbook

We've talked a lot about what's inside this book but it essentially gives you multiple different ways to play your games of Age of Sigmar and have fun doing so. A good tome for someone looking to try their hand at Age of Sigmar with a lower price point too.

What do you think of their latest haul?

"The Storm of Sigmar set gives you a cheaper price point for entry and comes with a few models to play around with as well as rules and more..."

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