Antenocitis’ Mat-O-War Returns to Grace Your Battlefield

September 24, 2012 by brennon

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There are many ways to create your playing area nowadays. Boards, a bit of table cloth thrown over some books, and of course gaming mats are all used by gamers. Well one of the best in the business from Antenocitis Workshop will soon be back on sale. Check out the Mat-O-War...

Beige Mat-o-War

Green Mat-o-War

"For those who don’t know about the Mat-O-War it is a compressed static-grass flock sealed with a special resin that results in a flexible mat of compressed static grass. The mat actually improves with age as it becomes more flexible yet will not shed at all. Its use of traditionally coloured flock/static-grass mean you get a green or beige surface absolutely perfect for wargames and an extremely rugged and durable cloth that can survive many, many years of club gameplay and rough treatment."

That's certainly a turn up for the books. It's a bit disheartening to see your gaming mat start to lose its surface and look more and more bedraggled every day!

Mat-o-War Detail


Apparently it even stands up to the washing machine! So don't worry if you spill beer all over it. You should be seeing this on their store from the end of October, beginning of November.

Did any of you use the Mat-O-War last time it was released? If you didn't are you going to be picking this up to adorn your battlefield?

Let me know what you think on this below.

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