Knight Models Send the Arkham Origins Assassins After Batman

February 5, 2014 by dracs

Arkham Origins might not have been the greatest installment in the Arkham game series, but it did bring us some awesome villains all gunning for the bat. Now, Knight Models have brought some of the deadly assassins to the tabletop.


Deadshot is the greatest shot in the world, able to calculate angles of fire perfectly so that he can even bounce his bullets around corners. This makes him very difficult to beat in the video game, I can only imagine what he's like on the tabletop.


Copperhead is a mistress of toxins, using them to disorientate her opponents before taking them down with her expert fighting skills. Even if you somehow manage to beat her back, you will still be doomed to die by her poisons.

Of course, sometimes the precision of an assassin isn't what you need. Sometimes, you just want some raw brute force. That's where the wonders of the Titan formula come in.

Joker's Titan Clown

Joker's Titan Clown brings some much needed muscle power to the Clown Prince of Crime's gang. With one punch of his massive fist, this guy won't leave much for the assassins to fight over.

With all these villainous new additions to the game, what do you think Batman's chances are?

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