A Great Hall, Sewers & More Unlocked For Battle Systems!

September 10, 2014 by brennon

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Battle Systems have been doing very well with their Fantasy Dungeon stretch goals over the past few days and as they close in on only ten days left let's check out the big unlocks and what's coming soon!

The Great Hall


As well as the myriad of additional scenery that comes from the mini-stretch goals there are also these two packs. The first of them is The Great Hall with a massive staircase add-on alongside the huge double doors that would create the perfect boss room for your role-playing. As well as that they've added on the Sewer System set with added bridges and you can even flip the sewer tiles over and make them into lava if you want to use them as something deeper and darker!

Archway & Tiles

Coming up in the future we have the large Archway section, the awesome Butchers Block (somewhere for an Ogre to dwell maybe?) and then some more floor tile sections that you can use with your dungeon to expand it even more.

Some great pieces of scenery coming out of these guys and it looks like they're going to hit a lot more stretch goals as the Kickstarter comes towards its end.

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