Keep An Eye Out For Smoke & Mirrors Aristeia! Expansion In June

April 30, 2018 by brennon

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Corvus Belli gave folks another preview of what's coming for Aristeia! next month. 29th June sees the release of Smoke & Mirrors.

Aristeia! Smoke & Mirrors Box

Inside the set, you get four new characters for you to add to the roster including Kozmo here who looks absolutely adorable and yet is probably rather vicious.

Kozmo - Aristeia!

You also get my favourite from the set, Murtair.

Murtair - Aristeia!

It would make sense that you'd seen one of these warriors making their way into the arena of Sci-Fi sports. We also have the very sombre looking Mendoza.

Mendoza - Aristeia!

This fellow works a little bit like a tank in your games although he also comes with the ability to not only heal his allies but hurt his enemies too. A very versatile addition to your squad.

Last but not least we have Taowu who looks like a proper martial arts master.

Taowu - Aristeia!

If you want to get deeper into the world of Aristeia! then make sure to watch some of our coverage...

Aristeia! On Beasts Of War

...and then feedback on which of these new players is your favourite.

What do you think?

"You also get my favourite from the set, Murtair..."

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