Pyre Announce A Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

May 2, 2013 by dracs

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Pyre Studios have recently announced that they are working on their new sci-fi board game, Inevitable Betrayal.

Inevitable Betrayal

“Three years into its five year journey all is not well aboard the Weyrell Corporation Starship Inevitable Betrayal. JCN, the ship’s AI, has suffered a paranoid break and has literally split it’s personality into facets so it can mend itself. Unfortunately JCN forgot that it took this action and now wages a war against what it sees as rogue AIs.” - Pyre

So it's conflict between different parts of a schizophrenic personality that is externalised in the form of cool looking robots? That actually  sounds like a cool and original concept for a setting.

Inevitable Betrayal Mechanoid

The game will be for 1-6 players who will take on the roles of Repair Mechs, who must traverse the ships corridors to repair the damage, all the while under attack from the insane AI.

Inevitable Betrayal Testing

The concept certainly sounds interesting. From the look of the game as shown in the development shot above, Inevitable Betrayal will appeal to fans of claustrophobic sci-fi action.

According to Pyre Studios the boxed set of the game will have "42 Miniatures representing the Mechs (see sketch opposite) and the Factors such as weapon drones, turrets and shield casters, used by JCN to protect itself or attack anything that moves. 10 scenarios will be included and with the inclusion of an Encounter Deck no two games will be the same."

The miniatures will be in plastic or plasticised resin in the boxed set as well as being available separate in resin for anyone who just likes the model.

Inevitable Betrayal Mech

Personally I am interested in how this game might develop and not only because it gives me an excuse to use that Firefly line. The setting seems cool and the miniatures should be promising, especially if they turn out like Pyre's previous fantasy miniature Cambric Goayin.

Are any of you interested in giving this game a go? How do you think it might play out?

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