Vicious Vacuuming In Mechanica, Now On Kickstarter

February 22, 2019 by cassn

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Do you remember when you were a child and dreamed of the day you owned a Roomba factory? Nope? Me neither.


In Mechanica, you are in charge of building the best Tidybot (definitely not a Roomba) factory. Through tile-laying and engine-building mechanics, build your Tidybots, upgrade them, copy their design to make even more and, most importantly, send them out to make the world a tidier place!


Okay, I'm the first to admit that Mechanica doesn't exactly have the most gripping of themes. There is an underlying implication that these adorable little robots may gain sentience and destroy us all, but mechanically there's no payoff to the threat.


However, there is a lot to appreciate in this game. The artwork is brilliant - think The Jetsons meets Logan's Run.


The components are interesting, including puzzle pieces that snap together and a rotating shop board, which work well with the mechanics to keep you invested in winning. Also, the game stays in the tray, so there's no complicated set-up to worry about. It's a nice game - I just wish it wasn't about vacuum cleaners.


However, I hate cleaning, so I'm probably biased. Head over to the Mechanica Kickstarter now, and check it out for yourself!

How many Roombas would you need to own before you could declare yourself General of a robot army? Asking for a friend.

"These adorable little robots may gain sentience and destroy us all!"

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