Hold Back The Germans With Soviet Winter Infantry For Bolt Action!

January 17, 2015 by brennon

Warlord Games are heading into the deep winters of the frozen North with another new plastic set for the Russians in Bolt Action. See what you think of the Soviet Infantry (Winter) kit that is now up for pre-order...

Soviet Infantry (Winter)

Soviet Infantry (Winter) Miniatures

As you can see they are kitted out for the harsh winter fighting that happened towards the tail end of World War II. They wore big thick coats that were quilted and padded to keep you roasting hot. As you'd imagine you also get quite a lot for your money with forty of the blighters being available in this plastic set.

There are numerous weapon options from normal rifles to heavy LMGs and more. You even get cool Molotov cocktails to throw at your enemies!

Do you think you'll be joining the Russians?

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