Warlord Releases Armoured Train & Scenario For Bolt Action

July 18, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Warlord Games has brought some heavy iron to the table with the release of their Armoured Train.

This behemoth was used by the Germans in WWII. While the armoured train in of itself is not new, since they have been used since the 1840's by the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and there was widespread use in the American Civil War.

I would almost dare to say they were perfected by the Germans, even if it was essentially outdated by the war.

They did have their uses as mobile big gun platforms, we have all seen the pictures of the monstrous guns mounted on flat rail cars.

Now if you are a train buff (@lloyd) and a fan of Bolt Action this might be just for you. They have several sets to choose from and many accessories to help provide atmosphere to your table. Now, I wonder if I could put this to go around my Christmas tree?

Is heavy rolling stock for you?

"I would almost dare to say they were perfected by the Germans..."

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