Demigods Rising Exclusive Hero Info & Ace Elementals!

August 22, 2014 by brennon

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The lovely folks behind Demigods Rising have shared an exclusive look at an upcoming hero with us and you can check her out below! See what you think of Satine the Shaman!

Satine the Shaman

This lovely lady is Queen of the Orcs and stepmother to the mighty Black Wolf that we've already checked out in previous updates. She has a powerful healing ability and can even lay down a hex or two if the fancy takes her. With powerful abilities her magic drains a lot of her mana but she also has the ability to regain some of it when other heroes die on the battlefield. She's no push over and should be well protected!

Fire Elemental

Ice Elemental

As well as the Shaman we also have these two lovely looking Elementals unlocked since their Kickstarter punched through the $100k mark recently (congratulations!). This elemental Glacignis creature was created when a druid caused quite a fire and tried to put it out with a simple ice spell but the two forces combined into what you see above. Given their own life force they soon because a new entity in itself!

Will you be pledging to push them onwards?

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