New Releases from Heresy Miniatures

October 4, 2011 by dracs

Heresy Miniatures are releasing two new fantasy figures for you to get gaming with.

First up is the Wight Lord.

The detail of this sculpt and the fact that he has been positioned floating slightly above the ground make for a very characterful figure which I am sure will soon be making an appearance in various dungeons and undead hordes. Having said this there is a certain static element to the pose which I find rather jarring.

Hot on the Wight Lord's heels and bringing divine retribution to all evil is Brother Bude, the Exorcist.

Again a miniature with a lot of character, this figure is probably my favourite of the two. Come on, who doesn't like fanatical warrior priests bringing their own very special form of divine intervention?

What are your thoughts on these latest offerings? Will any of you be including either of these figures into your own collections?

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