Titan Forge Release a Vampire Orc?

January 25, 2012 by dracs

Do you like Vampires? Do you like orcs? Ever dreamed of the day when the twain would meet? Well it looks like Titan Forge have spotted the gap in the market. Meet Vorgash the Blood Drinker.

Before his death, Vorgash was a brutal warrior and a leader of a big orcish horde that invaded the Gravehaunt Hills many years ago. His forces were stopped though, defeated by Count Maretchekk. Still, it was not the end for Vorgash - impressed by his skills, the vampire lord resurrected him and gave him eternal life for his loyal service.

I have to say that I don't think that this guy really meets the impressive standards Titan Forge's minis usually meet. I just think that the armour doesn't really suit the orc, but that's just my opinion.

How do you guys think this looks? Is it about time that a vampire orc rose up to forever rid the world of Twighlight vampires?

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