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May 7, 2022 by fcostin

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Last Friday, we put everybody out to a character creation challenge. Given our excitement towards Star Wars Day - carrying on the festivities over the week, we returned to a competition which was enjoyed by both us and the community last year. Challenging all to create their own characters that would fit into three different categories, within the Star Wars Universe.

Discovering the undiscovered, conventionally unconventional and taking a look at who was propping up the bar at the Cantina. Across the three categories, we took a look at over 50 different entries from the community.

After nailing down our top picks - which was incredibly difficult, we took to the Weekender to discuss our favourites. We broke each down to five entries per category, placing one winner to receive their winning creation to slot in on their shelves at home.

Force Undiscovered

Ever thought you were special and nobody cared? Able to move things with your mind or see things before they happen? Sadly, you've been unluckily born outside The Republic. How would you use your unhoned skills to survive? Anakin Skywalker could have been a slave his whole life or a mighty Pod Racer if the Jedi never turned up! Not to mention how many younglings would have survived...

4th May Felaeon Uaa screenshot (1)

WINNER - @brianfowler713 - Felaeon Uaa

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"One of Kasu’s countless refugees upended by the Galactic Civil War, Felaeon Uaa has been fleeing from one battleline to another most of his life. He remembers his name, but not where he originally came from, what his people are called, or why small inanimate objects seem to have more and more trouble staying still around him lately…"

Felaeon Uaa was truly a character that hit the nail on the head of the category for us. He seemed to be so undiscovered, that even he looked concerned about his untapped powers. He seemed excitingly afraid of his own unknown potential. He was truly isolated, and we came to a vote to put the struggling and fleeing being as our top pick.

Hero screenshot

@postalnik - Shanthun
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"Shanthun is a seeker hunter. She hunts down those that prey upon innocent. She will go into the most hostile environments to complete her work. She understands her abilities to a point but she has yet to meet a Jedi to really show her what her full potential could be."

Tali vahn Kotoni screenshot

@kiranamida - Tali vahn Kotoni

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"Tali vahn Kotoni was more than a Youngling but less than a Padawan when the Great Jedi Purge began. Spared immediate discovery and termination due to being aboard non-military transport when Order 66 was issued, she arrived at her destination to find her would be master dead and the galaxy turned even more hostile.

Having initially fled into hiding, Tali continued to explore her nascent powers, even without the guidance of the Jedi Order. Now, far from a Jedi Knight but having developed her powers she roams the Galaxy helping those she can and looking for ways to strike back at the evils she sees perpetrated by the Empire."

Grrrxx KaBhhab Frog Jedi screenshot (1)

@Mars2024 - Grrrxx KaBhhab

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"Grrrxx KaBhhab makes due with the limited training she had before her masters sent her away. She knows that if she can find a safe place to hide, she can work on discovering and developing her connection to the force and maybe make contact with the only family she had known. It won’t be easy, but she’s made progress, even using her visions to construct a pair of lightsabers. She’s taking her first steps out of her safe space to help others and prove to her ghosts that she deserves to be counted as a jedi."

Sirin Mobto screenshot (1)

@sambedge- Sirin Mobto

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"The empire may be gone but on the outer rim little has changed. Crime Lords still ran the show and everyone has to pay their due. Sirin had been a thief in the spaceport of Starshore for as long as she could remember.
She’d always been good at it, somehow she always knew when the security guard wasn’t looking or what the quickest route was, she had an uncanny knack with locks of all kinds. She quickly learned to keep “how” she knew a secret lest others try to take advantage.
But even she was surprised the day she was attacked by a rival gang and lightning came from her fingers to protect her.
The 5 gangers were killed by the surging energy, few would miss them she reasoned as she helped herself to their pockets.
Now she is finding more and more unique skills, able to hear secrets not spoken and pickpockets across the room. She’s learning fast and the key to it seems to be staying focused. And angry. It’s easier when she’s angry and it’s very easy to be angry when you’ve grown up a thief in Starshore." 

Are you Sure This Is The Droid You Are Looking For?

Have you paid credits for a droid that not even the Jawas would bother stealing? Faulty in certain areas and came with a few unexpected quirks? It takes a good salesman to palm off some dodgy droids. C3PO didn't even come with clothes!

M4BU screenshot

WINNER: @marnok - M4-BU

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"M4-BU, designed as a communication and sensor droid for a mining consortium, was discovered by a rebel cell, buried under a rockslide and all but destroyed, where she had lain trapped for decades. They patched her up as best they could and repurposed her for multiple roles including surveillance and hacking. She has been damaged and rebuilt seven times since, most recently due to being used as bait for a stormtrooper patrol."

Pulled together from scraps, the more we looked at M4-BU, the more we noticed. The backstory and character creation combined brought this droid to life. With mish-mashed limbs, and almost a polite approach. I felt emotion towards the poor dude, especially being Stormtrooper fodder! He met the category perfectly. Hey, I'd bring him onto my ship in a heartbeat, and certainly seems useful to have around when you need to get into somewhere you shouldn't!

4th May A 5A screenshot

@brianfowler713 - (Aga) A-5A, Musical Droid

Check A-5A, Musical Droid Out On Hero Forge 

"The only known survivor of a pleasure barge shot down on Kasu, A-5A is strange, even for an abandoned droid. In spite of a chassis containing an advanced sound system and databanks of music from over two million cultures, he insists on only playing music with an unidentified, worn instrument."

PR0T3CT0R 336 screenshot

@radegast65 - PR0T3CT0R 336

Check PR0T3CT0R 336 Out On Hero Forge 

"This Android was made by Jedi long time ago to protect nature on his home planet as he had foretold that once he will pass away, there may be a battle that will forever change the planet's climate and destroy all life on it."

SW Whos Droid screenshot (1)

@gambino - C-38S

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"C-38S is a special modified C-3PO droid. The “S” stands for Special modification the crew of the Red Viper argues it stands for “Shrew”, as C-38S tends to be very shrewd when dealing with any individual who is not Sllan-Elapid. Many joke that Shrew actually manages Sllan-Elapid by keeping his assignments and business finance. Sllan-Elapid has heard this and often jokes about it openly. The droid also keeps his master up on all news and current events. But anyone who is wise enough to take a second to look will notice that the droid tapping away at a datapad has two heavy blasters on its hips. Shrew has been in numerous firefights and is often overlooked standing at just a tad over 1 meter tall."

droid screenshot

@goggs - Droid designation DAN-GER!

Check DAN-GER Out On Hero Forge

"Droid designation DAN-GER!"

Cantina Dweller

The Cantina is the place where you will see all walks of life. You can lounge at the bar, indulge in some Death Sticks, or simply absorb the ambience from the best Jizz artists in the business. The Cantina is full of all walks of life. Either working for or against the Empire, there will always be a drink waiting in the grey area that is the Cantina.

Woodan McKley screenshot

WINNER: @graystoak15 - Woodan Mc’kley

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"Woodan Mc’kley is a Scarabaeoideon ship captain and infamous smuggler, operating in the outer rim. Scarabaeoideons are rarely seen above ground, preferring a fossorial lifestyle. However Woodan suffers from claustrophobia, a condition unheard of amongst his kind, which has lead him to cast off the underground lifestyle natural to his people, and seek a life of fortune amongst the stars.
Through the use of bifocal spectrometers, Woodan has been able to overcome the limitations of Scarabaeoideon visual impairment, while the natural ability to detect subsonic frequencies over vast distances, makes Woodan an uncanny pilot."

We could practically hear Woodan Mc'kley clicking through the screens! Not only could we envision him awaiting in style within the Cantina, but we could physically see the build, and how this particular suit would work seamlessly in common with the other costumes in the Star Wars films. As if it was all ready and geared for an actor to step right in. Woodan has a backstory that makes you want to root for him, overcoming his social norms and getting out into the wide world. Picking up some new skills makes him an intimidating presence to whoever is keen to approach him in the Cantina.

WRONG CLOSET screenshot

@hippythegrim - Mr Tumnus

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"Arriving at the Cantina, covered in snow, smile slowly fading from his face… Mr Tumnus realized that was not the right Closet.
After years of travelling the Coruscant underbelly looking for the door home, losing his smile, whimsey, One of his hooves and what was left of his innocence, he realized he would need help….
He had heard tales of “magic” users at a temple nearby…. what could go wrong?"

Taiga Rondu screenshot

@dawfydd - Taiga Rondu

Check Taiga Rondu Out On Hero Forge

"So, meet Taiga Rondu. Gunslinger, Treasure Hunter, Soldier of Fortune, Lover. If you ask him then he is all these things. However to the owners and denizens of dive cantina’s across the Outer Rim the one word they will uniformly use is “trouble”, as if he’s not taking up prime table space racking up a bar tab whilst doting on the Loth-Fox that accompanies him everywhere, then he’s liable to be getting into barfights, pursuing obscure vendettas and generally doing anything but the job he’s been hired to do. It’s fortunate that he is a dab hand with his paired blaster pistols when the need arises…"

Unnamed screenshot

@Warhammergrimace - Targu Spokane

Check Targu Spokane Out On Hero Forge

"Targu Spokane is a private investigator working in the cesspits of the Empire, investing crime and hunting down the scum that infest the murky underworld."

Zasssram Dek screenshot

@undeadjon - Zasssram Dek

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"Zasssram Dek, current reigning Sabacc champion on the Tatooine cantina circuit and former “procurer” & transporter of exotic items for a discerning clientele (DEFINITELY not a thief or smuggler)."

For the whole list of incredible entries, be sure to head over to the Character Creation Competition page here, to see over fifty creations from members of the community taking part in the Star Wars Day festivities!

We hope that everybody that took part enjoyed themselves - we certainly did! If you are a winner, be sure that you fill out the prize claims form here, so we can be sure to get the miniature printed and sent off to you with your correct details.

It was such a tough call! Who was your favourite of the characters created?

"Discovering the undiscovered, conventionally unconventional and taking a look at who was propping up the bar at the Cantina. "

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