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    Reward? have you agreed upon to paint and build them? or do they need restoration?



    Yeah.  I think the Enterprise may have been started.  No paint, possibly just constructed.  If my dad did it for my sister, it should be ok and I’ll not have much to do before painting it.  If my sister built it, all bets are off on what I will have to do.  Don’t think the other one has been touched.   There are 8 of the old Citadel Ninjas in the box, I think they are the ones Aly Morrison did back in the day.  They will need to be stripped but they are lovely models.  There are also quite a few of the old plastic Dwarfs.  The ones that came in the box with the Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Goblin Archers and Orcs.  Can’t remember the name of the box and I can’t remember if there was another faction in the box either.  It was one of GW’s first plastic kits.



    The R & R is going well. Chilling now after house work. My legs are kinda killing me after the gym ystrerday. My to do list now has very very little so that means hobby. Just chilling after the house work watching MetalJesus and Beatemups on youtube. Gonna kick into hobby soon, but will be flitting back and forth between eating, coffee and video games. So small bursts. Pictures of my work stations to follow.

    My pledge:

     Finish my Hellbalsters x5
     Finish my Primaris Captain x1`
     Work on a test Frostgrave miniature
     Work on some test Space Marine miniatures for a Charcarodons army
     Prime some Primaris models
     Assemble and gap fill Primaris models
     Do some basecoats on my Chaos Marines
     Cook some home made chips and home made fried chicken for lunch later

    I think that is it, for now. The girlfriend finished assembling her Chainrasps for AoS last night. Also gifted her half a Carrion Empire set I picked up so now she has more and different undead.

    Answers to Questions

    1. I think they are highly for starting armies, converting minis, doing a more inspired version of the same army, creating role play game characters, npcs and campaigns. None have made me get an army as such as the minis and story influence that. The art kind of enhances what I already want to do but that is just me. Lots of Golden Daemon entries have been based off artwork too. I still want it in 28mm.

    Do you want a list of examples or pictures? Off the top of my head the following are fantastic:

     The current Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual
     The 3rd edition 40k Rulebook
     The artwork on the ooooooold Horus Heresy card game
     The Inquisitor Rulebook*
     The Mordheim Rulebook*
     All of the Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes books
     Forge World Imperial Armour books – beautiful graphic design

    *Particularly this stuff in miniature form is what I wanted.

    2. Bit of a tangent and a rant here at points. Painter, Gamer, Collector in that order from ratio level. Not sure what the ratio is. And it does change. I am a collector of stuff though: computer games, remotes, transformers, pop vinyls, and action figures. Some moreso than others.

    I prefer casual with friends. I am sick of tournaments where people have games run long, abuse army books, play armies that break the game and the spirit of it, mathammer, waac gamers, and a lack of the spirit of the hobby in general. Very not fun. And some games clubs annoy me with how crowded, smelly, hot and disorganised they can be. The logisitcs of travelling to them have become a pain, and at certain conventions the cliques that have developed makes it kind of hard to relate to in some player circles. Especially when a convention is run by say a student gaming body with a bunch of immature and unprofessional (I am paying to be there) jackasses in their early 20s (for the most part)

    I do a mix of block colours and just right. To me I am happy with ‘two steps above table top ready.’ If I spend any more time than that on minis when will I ever finish a collection and get to play with it..

    3. It’s a house rule but would make sense for 40k. So, you can draw objective cards. What me and a friend do, is if an objective is impossible to fulfill (not very very hard to do, actually impossible) then discard it and draw another. I.e. slay an enemy character and none are left, something like that.





    TIME TO PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    @robert I can’t remember the last non-gaming kit I built…possibly my Warrior… If they get put in Team Yankee I may actually get it; I love Warriors. I would never want a Star Trek one for fear of breaking off a nasel (or however you spell that). 😛 Some of the old minis GW put out are rather interesting. Personally, not my style, but they are very nice. <10 points> for something a little different and fun.

    @mage Glad you’re enjoying time to relax! I imagine you’ll get your Primaris chaps done before I can, but that just gives me more incentive to get them done! I get where you’re coming from with the art. It’s very easy to see a great piece of, say, a Sister of Battle and start trying to recreate it because you must have one like that. I’m not one for dioramas, but I imagine many of those are influenced by artworks of some kind. I deff agree with the current DnD book, the art in there is gorgeous. Casual with friends is always more fun. I find the cliques that form in gaming clubs do make them unwelcoming to newcomers, which is a shame. And you are preaching to the choir with immature students running things; I’m a 28 year old uni student in classes with people I am a decade older than…it’s maddening at times… I tend to like to do higher than standard, and it does take me forever to finish, so I see your point with painting. 😛 I tried to make my Ultramarines much more paint friendly, and they do seem to work, but it still take a while. 😛 Me and my brothers have a slight variation on those objective rules, because you can always burn one at the end of a turn, so we say if you couldn’t do it at the start of the game then you can change it for another. With the newer scenarios in the Chapter Approved books, though, they actually allow you to pull out cards from your deck before the game starts so you can remove the ones that are hard, or impossible, to do. <10 points> for artistic taste, <5 points> for your immature 20 year olds, and <10 points> for your work (the gold on that captain looks nice).

    Hopefully I can get some more work done later today. I have a few things to work on outside of hobby, but I’ll do what I can.



    I am. Still have bits of housework to do. Pain in the butt. Doing washes on the Hellblasters and letting em dry. Then final highglights, but there is a decent amount to do. Ish.

    Im 32, there isnt going to be much of a difference between you and I, but once someone is 23 or under, or 25 and super immature, the difference is huuuuuuuuuge with maturity and focus.

    Thanks for the points!

    Might make another coffee. That’s… three. Or will be three.

    I know several friends going to Metallica today at Slaine Castle, and Im at home. But Im kinda tired so…



    @mage for some reason the pictures aren’t showing in your first post today.

    D&D has always had amazing although some of it may have been a bit cheesy (? I think that’s the word) by modern standards.
    Although not quite as ‘bad’ as the Conan artwork … but then sword&sorcery kind of asks for that sort of stuff.

    Mathhammer I sort of understand as I assume that’s the type that will calculate statistics and optimize their actions based on maximizing chances to ‘win’. I’ve seen discussions from that sort of types in videogame forums … not fun.

    What the heck are ‘waac gamers’ ?

    // —

    Paints ordered … I’ll have to see if the paint scheme I’ve got in mind and the contrast paints I’ve picked will work on my minions. Really looking forward to seeing the results of the Gryphound Orange contrast, because that could solve the spacemarine paintscheme I want.






    Only one of my posts has pics today, so far.


    Which D&D edition and books are you referring to? In one context it kind of has to be cheesy as it is heroic fantasy role playing. It cant afford to be subdued or conservative, or it wont evoke the imagination of the player. Creativity and imagination is the main play area and medium after all.


    I had a regular in an old gaming group who would decide what combinations of charges or flank charges would work best before doing it quickly but kind of out loud. It was infuriating to see my game turned into calculations… why bother if your gonna do it that way like.


    WAAC- Win-At-All-Costs



    I have almost completed assembling Shadowspear. I had all the big floaty autocannons clippe off ready for assembly and knocked it off the table by accident. I am now missing half of one backpack to finish assembling it. I am quite annoyed.


    Im low on glue and chaos black spray paint too, and hoping to get it all primed.


    Kinda put the Minotaurs on the backburner while I do assembly work and spraying during the precious dry weather.



    My pledge:

     Finish my Hellbalsters x5 – WIP – the red is almost done. Greys need youch ups and I am starting the end of the gold. Then the bases.
     Finish my Primaris Captain x1` – Not done
     Work on a test Frostgrave miniature – Washed and Drybrushed
     Work on some test Space Marine miniatures for a Charcarodons army – Not done
     Prime some Primaris models – Done. Ran out of primer before finished.
     Assemble and gap fill Primaris models – Done. Ran out of glue before finished.
     Do some basecoats on my Chaos Marines – Not done
     Cook some home made chips and home made fried chicken for lunch later – Done

    Revised Pledge, to do:

     Finish my Hellbalsters x5 – WIP – One more coat of red and hilight, touch up the grey, layer and wash the gold.
     Finish my Primaris Captain x1` – Baseoat it
     Work on a test Frostgrave miniature – Basecoat it.
     Work on some test Space Marine miniatures for a Charcarodons army – Drybrush them all grey.
     Do some basecoats on my Chaos Marines – Drybrush them all blue.



    @mage I guess those ‘broken image links’ must be bullet points or something.

    ‘win at any cost’ … ah that definitely sucks.

    I wish I would remember what it was, but all I know it was one of the gazetteers they used to do. It could have been an issue of Dragon too.
    Never had any issues with ‘cheesy’ art, but as I said … I’m sure there are a few covers and pieces of art that probably wouldn’t be used in 5th edition books these days because they might be consider too cheesy or ‘racist’ or ‘culturally insensitive’.

    Google to the rescue :

    – D&D Gazetteers overview :

    – Clyde Caldwell – ‘Azure Bonds’ … I think it was used in Ravenloft, not sure
    link :

    – Larry Elmore
    link :
    Oh cool … didn’t know he did the Shadowrun cover too :

    It’s cool that a lot of this classic fantasy art is for sale too. If I ever create my perfect gaming room then I will have to remember this.

    Additional links for D&D art :

    The Art of D&D (Part 1)

    The Art of D&D (Part 2)

    The Art of D&D (Part 3)







    Those are indeed bullet points, or rather are supposed to be.

    I have to say I like the art. The Conan stuff is a tad gratuitious in regards the feamel form. Some of them resemble book covers from the 70s and 80s and some seem done in the same vein as the artwork tolkien commission for Middle Earth.



    Man these Hellblasters are taking a while and are a pain in the butt. Im off to get Indian food, screw this!



    Working on my second magmadog

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