Infamy’s Goblin Chieftain Rides to War

October 19, 2015 by dracs

Infamy have finished sculpting up their Goblin Chieftain and are showing off their final sculpt before they send him out into the world.

Goblin Chieftain

Goblin Chieftain 2

Goblin Chieftain 3

The Goblin Chieftain is a fantastic sculpt, with intricate detailing on display everywhere, right down to the ornamentation of his lance.

Seeing it sitting, grinning atop that evil emu muppet of a monstrous mount, the model just has a ton of character that I think really captures the essence of fantasy gobbos.

Goblin Chieftain 4

Goblin Chieftain 5

This miniature is Infamy's first model outside of their usual steampunk comfort zone, a range which they plan to expand further in the future and give themselves a chance to stretch their sculpting muscles. This one is definitely an imaginative piece, and serves as a very promising start for these.

Do you like the Goblin Chieftain? What sort of model do you think Infamy should do next?

"Sitting, grinning atop that evil emu muppet of a monstrous mount..."

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