Infinity Campaign Join The Battle For Asteroid Blues – Finishes Monday!

October 11, 2019 by lloyd

The latest OnTableTop Infinity campaign launched earlier in the month in conjunction with Corvus Belli. You can join the fighting in Asteroid Blues as you battle alongside your favourite faction for control of the different sectors as a story unravels around you as we come to the close of the campaign on October 14th!

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Above you can see the map that you'll be fighting over as you dive into the campaign. Every battle you fight, each skirmish you engage in, will help to shift the fortunes of your faction across the Novyy Bangkok Asteroidal Colony and help establish your claim over this hulking floating landscape.

Infinity Campaign Finishing Monday 14th October

The story has been unfolding and developing over the past few weeks and things are hotting up in the narrative. You can find out about how the story is unfolding as part of the news HERE. With that in mind, there is lots to get involved in BUT...

Make Sure You Log Your Battle Reports!

If you do not log your battle reports before the end of the campaign you won't be able to influence the future of the Infinity world! So, if you've got things waiting in the wings make sure to get them added into the log so that they can count towards the future narrative of Infinity.

How Can I Take Part?

So, one of these big campaigns has been designed to make it an awesome experience for everyone involved. As we've mentioned above the focus is on choosing your faction and then fighting for them, wrestling for control of the different sectors and telling your story through your battles.

You can Sign Up Here to begin with where you'll be able to get your hands on all of the important documents you need to play out the different phases of the campaign.

Beyond that, you'll also find loads of things you can get involved with...

  • Keep up-to-date with the News of what's going on throughout the campaign
  • Check out the Battles that have been recorded and maybe record your own (you can upload images, videos, text and more to these)
  • Check out the list of Commanders and who is fighting for each faction
  • Visit the different Theatres and see how the battles are unfolding

...all of this feeds into their massive campaign which tells the story of Asteroid Blues. You have a direct impact on how all of this turns out.

As well as being able to record Battle Reports you'll also be able to access a Forum specifically for your faction so you can plan your actions and where you're going to fight your next battles.

Make sure to get involved with your Infinity faction of choice and see how this story plays out. If you're unsure as to how things in the campaign work you can check out the Help & How To centre for more information.

Which faction will you be taking command of?

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