Warsenal Games Opens Up Infinity Buildings With More Xiguan Spider District Pieces

August 15, 2017 by thisisazrael

The folks at Warsenal have added to their extensive Infinity range with some wonderfully detailed buildings.

Xiguan Spider District Shop

The Xiguan Shop is part of the new Xiguan Spider District Collection from Warsenal Games and adds some great depth for a single terrain piece with street signs, vending machine and rooftop cover.

Xiguan Spider District Clinic and Corner

Next up we see the Clinic pictured, with lovely bench and hydrant details, which can be picked up on its own or as part of the "Xiguan Corner" bundle which will give you the shop too, to create the full corner displayed.

Xiguan Spider District Offices

The Office Building with the Xiguan Spider iconography and stairs providing access to three levels of play.

Xiguan Spider District Tower

The centerpiece of the whole district though is the amazing looking Xiguan Tower.

The Tower comes with full-colour, pre-printed acrylic ads and modular sidewalk to help you vary the layouts and fit it into your setting.

The Xiguan Spider District Collection is really starting to flesh out and I'm a big fan of the pieces so far.

If you're attending GenCon 50 you can find all Warsenal's new releases at Booth 2647.

What do you think of Warsenal's terrain pieces?

"The Tower comes with full-colour, pre-printed acrylic ads and modular sidewalk"

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