Archon Studio Preview Empire Of Men Kickstarter Details

September 20, 2017 by brennon

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Archon Studio are going to be heading to Kickstarter with a new campaign for a set of models based around Empire Of Men, their vision of an alternative 20th Century.

Empire Of Men

The range of models will be for your Sci-Fi and alternative 'Weird' games on the tabletop and feature soldiers for...

The Great Empire

The Great Empire have some infantry as you'll see here above. The focus is actually on creating a lot of female characters to act as their troops, although you'll find no oversexualised figures here. They are going for women who mean business!Great Empire Infantry

As well as these core troops here they also have some specialists like this Sniper here. They are a little more action based than you might consider many Snipers to be - but if she can make a shot with a leap like that you'd want her on your side.


The rest of the Platoon breaks down like this showing off some more relaxed poses. I quite like the lady with her hood up on the right - hoods make everything look epic.

Sniper Platoon

We also have the Ubermans here who are big chunky fellows.


Big chunky shields, heavy weapons, lots of explosives - it's all there. They have a nice cartoon style to them which is great and gives them a nice dose of character.

The range is looking great and they even have some larger vehicles to throw into the mix as well like this Little Eagle Tank.

Little Eagle Tank

...and there's where we move onto the second faction presented as part of the Kickstarter.

Echelon Dominion

The Echelon Dominion is the more interesting of the two, for me at least, as they are a genetically modified 'species'.


As you can see they are carrying around some decidedly more upgrade weapons and armour into battle. With those skill masks they remind me of some of the bad guys from a Sci-Fi TV show from the 90's, the name of which escapes me. But, they have a nice look to them and could paint up very well indeed.

The range is going to be rather extensive with plenty of characters, troops, vehicles and more for you to throw into the mix.

Empire Of Men (Model Preview)

There will be no game that these 28mm models are attached to and it is simply a set of miniatures for you to use across the board in whatever game you see fit. All of the miniatures will be in resin and will actually be multi-part kits rather than the Unicast we've come to know from Archon Studio.

Watch out for the Kickstarter to launch 25th September 2017.

Will you be checking this out in more detail?

"...the range is going to be rather extensive with plenty of characters, troops, vehicles and more for you to throw into the mix"

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