Secret Weapon Join Powered Play to Illuminate Your Minis

May 16, 2013 by dracs

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Powered Play's kickstarter to create easy LED kits for miniatures has recently hit a new stretch goal in which they will be joining forces with Secret Weapon to bring you new Powered Bases!

Powered Baases

Here's what the kickstarter says about this:

If you've ever want to light up an elite character or something that would fit on a 40 and/or 50mm bases, we're creating a miniaturized kit that includes:

  • Secret Weapon designed resin bases with component cutaway
  • Programmable effects micro-controller with rotary dip-switch
  • Custom small-pin LED strings for small models
  • Powered by 3V battery

Powered Play

Pretty much everything you need to light up your individual models. This is pretty cool as previously Powered Play's LED kits have seemed to be fairly constrained to use with vehicles (at least for those no used to using LEDs with miniatures) so this should hopefully open up more options for us less technologically gifted gamers. And with Secret Weapon backing it you know it should be of a pretty nice quality.

Have you pledged to this kickstarter?

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